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Intersections and Turns

1. You are waiting in the intersection to complete a left turn. You should
Signal and keep your wheels turned to the left.
Signal and keep your wheels straight.
Flash your headlights so the driver will let you get through.
Drive around the rear of a car if it blocks you.

2. The driver's left arm and hand are extended downward. This hand signal means that the driver plans to
Turn left.
Turn right.
Start up.

3. The driver's left hand and arm are extended upward. This hand signal means that the driver plans to
Turn left.
Turn right.
Come to a stop.
Go straight ahead.

4. You have the right-of-way when you are
Entering a traffic circle.
Backing out of a driveway.
Leaving a parking space.
Already in a traffic circle.

5. When you want to make a right turn, your car must be
Near the center of the street.
Close to the left side of the street.
Close to the right side of the street.
Past the center of the intersection when you begin to turn.

6. You want to turn left at an intersection. The light is green but oncoming traffic is heavy. You should
Use the next intersection.
Wait at the crosswalk for traffic to clear.
Wait in the center of the intersection for traffic to clear.
Take the right-of-way since you have the light.

7. When two vehicles enter an intersection from different highways at the same time, which vehicle must yield the right-of-way
Either one.
Vehicle on the left.
Vehicle on the right.
Neither one.

8. You must yield the right-of-way to an approaching vehicle when you are
Already in a traffic circle.
Already in an intersection.
Going straight ahead.
Turning left.

9. You come to an intersection which is blocked by other traffic. You should
Go slowly until the traffic ahead moves.
Get as close as possible to the other car.
Stay out of the intersection until you can pass through.
Sound your horn to make the cars move up.

10. You drive along a street and hear a siren. You cannot immediately see the emergency vehicle. You should
Keep driving until you see the vehicle.
Pull to the curb and look to see if it is on your street.
Slow down but don't stop until you see it.
Speed up and turn at the next intersection.

11. You want to turn right at the next intersection. You should begin to use your turn signal
At least 50 feet before the turn.
When you reach the intersection.
At least 100 feet before the turn.
As soon as you see cars behind you.

12. You are making a left turn from a two-way street into a one-way street. When you have completed the turn your car should be
In the right lane of the street.
In the center of the street.
In the left lane of the street.
In the lane with the least traffic.

13. What should you do when you are going to enter a roadway from a private road
Blow your horn to warn cars you are entering the roadway.
Stop with part of the car on the roadway to warn other drivers.
Drive out fast to merge smoothly with the traffic.
Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and roadway traffic.